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 This technique releases the upper leg and hip and butt through #massage. Be sure to find the proper placement between the hip and leg bones. For active people, this technique may be very uncomfortable at first but, after about 40 seconds or so, the muscles will begin softening. Come and experience my #therapeutic #yoga class, offered several times per week at @thegoodspacepilates #tgstex #foamrolling #physicaltherapy
 Now we move to the upper quadriceps. Runners and cyclists find this one especially useful. You want strong, supple muscles. If a given muscle is chronically tight, then the force it can produce is limited. I remember the image of Michael Phelps, the Olympian swimmer, shaking his entire body before getting ready to dive. And you know what? His entire body did shake because it was relaxed. By releasing tension in the body, you will improve performance and get more mileage out of your joints. Come and experience my #therapeutic #yoga class, offered several times per week at @thegoodspacepilates in #houston. #tgstex #massage #foamrolling #physicaltherapy
 The inner quadriceps, vastus medialis, is that teardrop-shaped muscle above the knee on the inner thigh. My students find this #foamrolling technique surprisingly painful the first time they do it. This muscle can become tight from wearing high heels because the female stands primarily on the inner side of the ball of the foot. It can also become tense from sitting too much. It's good to relieve the tension here because a tense vastus medialis will distort the action of the knee, leading to strain on the lateral meniscus (outer ligament of the #knee). Come and experience my #therapeutic #yoga class, offered several times per week at @thegoodspacepilates in #houston. #tgstex
 In my #healing work in #yoga, I've found that tensions in the muscles and fascia (connective tissue) create stress across the joints, which at least hampers performance and at most creates injury. Muscles work by tensing and then relaxing, whether you are #running, walking, or #cycling. #relaxation can be incomplete, so we use physical techniques like #massage or #foamrolling and mental techniques like meditation to achieve deeper physical relaxation. In this first of 4 techniques, I show the student how to use a foam block to massage across the center of the quadriceps to relieve tension. I prefer yoga blocks over the typical cylindrical foam roller because a block is more stable, offers greater surface area, and one can use the edges and corners as massage tools. Come and experience my #therapeutic yoga class, offered several times per week at @thegoodspacepilates. #tgstex
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 Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't do. #BFitTip #PilatesFix #TGSTEX #LoveToMoveInVie

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